6 Tom Ford Bitter Peach Dupes


Perfume Dupes Similar To Tom Ford Bitter Peach
6 Tom Ford Bitter Peach Dupes

We all like a nice fruity scent now and again, but I don’t know of anything that can compare to Tom Ford‘s Bitter Peach in terms of adaptability. For as long as I can remember, Bitter Peach has been one of my favorite perfumes because it defies gender norms by being just as appealing to men as it is to women. The peach, I believe, has a dual role in both the show’s focal point and its absence. All the components blended together add depth, making this a scent that takes on different personalities with each wearer.

Even though it smells like no other perfume, I can’t be the only one who wishes it were more accessible to the masses. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a few perfumes that not only mimic the distinctive peachy aroma of Bitter Peach but also excel at highlighting certain nuances.

What We Want from Tom Ford Bitter Peach

In 2020, Tom Ford‘s Private Blend Collection fragrance Bitter Peach was relaunched in a unisex version. Bitter Peach is not your typical fruity scent; in addition to highlighting sweetness, it has deep sensuous and heated undertones. This perfume has the right trademark aroma for the daytime, in my opinion. It has a fruity aroma, a hint of woodiness, and a spicy, flowery finish. While you may believe that the scent would lean feminine owing to its peach composition, the woody, amber drydown helps it strike a nice balance between the sexes.

As soon as you sniff, the opening notes of peach, blood orange, and cardamom fill your nose with a sweet and spicy aroma that is both comforting and invigorating. Rum and cognac feature prominently in the fragrance’s middle notes, lending a manlier character to the fragrance before being delicately blended with jasmine for a more feminine and airy vibe. Patchouli, vanilla, and sandalwood in the drydown are amber-forward and sensuous, and they pair surprisingly well with the peach since they pull the composition away from an overwhelmingly sugary place while adding grounding woodsy notes.

I think Bitter Peach strikes the ideal mix between sweetness, softness, and woodsiness; it has a reasonably long lasting smell with excellent sillage, particularly because to the peach and patchouli notes. Each level of the edifice, in my opinion, offers something interesting for its visitors.

Given its potential as a trademark fragrance, you’d expect it to be reasonably priced. Since Tom Ford perfumes are out of my price range, I have scoured the internet and discovered six affordable alternatives that will keep you smelling fresh and vibrant all week long.

6 Dupes of Tom Ford Bitter Peach

1. Dua Sour Peach

Dua Sour Peach
Dua Sour Peach


If you have needed a bit more peach in your Tom Ford scent, this is an excellent compromise. In a positive way, Dua Sour Peach is more feminine than Tom Ford Peach, yet sharing its fruity sweetness and comparable texture.

Right from the get-go, the fruity top notes of peach and blood orange announce themselves as the star of this scent. Although you will find the overall structure to be sweeter and brighter, the dry down of sandalwood and patchouli will cut through this sweetness enough to acquire some great masculine and woody aspects.

The smell lasts forever and, to my nose, is a fresher, more feminine twist on the classic Tom Ford scent.

2. ALT Peach Smash

ALT Peach Smash
ALT Peach Smash


Peach, blood orange, and cardamom come together to give the beginning of ALT Peach Smash a spicy edge, making it a more modern spin on the original Bitter Peach fragrance. After a while, the perfume settles into a patchouli and vanilla base, after which cognac and jasmine take over, making for a very warming and flowery aroma.

Despite borrowing all of Tom Ford Bitter Peach’s more masculine notes, this scent nevertheless manages to seem airy and carefree to me. The scent lasts a long time and has a respectable amount of sillage. Despite the spice and deeper undertones, this scent seems to me to get sweeter as it dries, suggesting it may have a more feminine interpretation.

3. Alexandria Better Peach

Alexandria Better Peach
Alexandria Better Peach


In a nutshell, Alexandria Better Peach is Tom Ford Bitter Peach reimagined as the ideal unisex scent. The scent opens with notes of peach, blood orange, and cardamom then settles into a dry down of cognac, heliotrope, and jasmine. The cognac and peach are sweetly layered on top of a rich foundation of vanilla.

The combination of heliotrope and jasmine does really come through in the middle notes of this scent, and that’s what I appreciate about it. All in all, I find this to be a pleasant spicy variation on a classic smell that lasts for hours without being overwhelming.

4. Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach

Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach
Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach


Oil Perfumery has you covered if a fruity perfume like Tom Ford Bitter Peach is what you’re after. Fruity, floral, and somewhat alcoholic, the first blast of Peche de Vigne and orange blossom provides a delightful introduction. A little cardamom flavor will also be present, but it won’t be quite as intense as Tom Ford’s original. Fragrance evolves into heliotrope, rum, and jasmine as it dries, with a base of sandalwood and vanilla.

This scent’s peach notes are heightened by the addition of peche de vigne, which gives it a more pronounced sugary quality. The first fruity explosion is muted, but the extremely deep sweetness works well with the rum and vanilla in the remainder of the composition.

Oil Perfumery isn’t the longest-lasting fragrance alternative on the list, but its rollerball packaging makes it easy to apply and reapply as much as necessary.

5. Perfume Parlour Sour Prunus 1763

Perfume Parlour Sour Prunus 1763
Perfume Parlour Sour Prunus 1763


Perfume Parlour, a fragrance house that produces everything from perfume to body wash, takes the original Tom Ford Bitter Peach aroma and gives it a more airy quality.

The top notes, which include heliotrope, cardamom, peach, and blood orange, set the tone for the rest of the fragrance. Base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and vetiver are set off by the flowery and gentle heart notes of davana and jasmine.

This scent is a little less sticky sweet and more subtle than the Tom Ford version, and I like that.

6. Fragrenza Better Peach

Fragrenza Better Peach
Fragrenza Better Peach


Fragrenza, like Tom Ford Bitter Peach, begins with peach, blood orange, and cardamom, but in the dry down, it mixes more velvety ingredients like vetiver to soften the peachiness of the smell.

A hint of citrus brightness throughout the whole of this counterfeit scent. Compared to the original, the blood orange here is much more zesty, and the fragrance’s adaptability means it could easily serve as a trademark perfume for a wide spectrum of people. Deep and soothing from the combination of tonka bean, vanilla, and vetiver, with a hint of spiciness from the opening cardamom.

Final Note about Bitter Peach Dupes

Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach dupe is one of those rare fragrances that may serve as a personal trademark for a wide variety of people. To be sure, it is tough to make a perfume with your signature aroma when you know you can’t afford to replace the bottle when it runs out. While this may be the case, there is no reason not to indulge in a spicy peach perfume that smells as luxurious as a genuine thing. The alternatives to Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach that are discussed here may not be by the designer himself, but they all have the same peachy flexibility.

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