Guerlain’s Outfit of Perfection, the most tenacious of make-up!



Guerlain's Outfit of Perfection, the most tenacious of make-up!
Guerlain‘s Outfit of Perfection, the most tenacious of make-up!

Tenue de Perfection, Guerlain’s most tenacious foundation

To camouflage small skin blemishes, the Foundation is an essential product. It is the basis for any self-respecting makeup and helps to unify the skin and conceal dark circles, small pimples or redness. It is one of the star products in the make-up department and all the biggest make-up brands have adopted its formula to perfect it. As such, Guerlain has focused on the hold of the foundation to offer you makeup that lasts from early morning until evening. Focus on Guerlain’s Tenue de Perfection Foundation.

Why is makeup fading?

What woman has never left her home convinced that she has perfectly done makeup only to notice, barely two hours later, that it has faded considerably, revealing all of her little imperfections? Unfortunately, depending on your skin type, makeup may not always hold. Note that oily skin tends to reject foundation more easily. Likewise, to increase its adhesion, it is better to exfoliate the epidermis regularly to get rid of all the small dead skin. If, however, this is not enough, know that there are foundations on the market that are much more tenacious than others. This is the case with Guerlain’s Tenue de Perfection Foundation.

The many advantages of Guerlain’s Tenue de Perfection Foundation

The Guerlain house is a legend in the world of beauty. It has been promoting the image of French elegance and know-how around the world for decades. Thus, over time, the brand has greatly improved, becoming a true virtuoso in the exploitation of raw materials. Today, it is in the service of your skin that Guerlain has gathered all its resources. Its Tenue de Perfection Foundation sublimates the skin with a perfect correction and flawless hold. Never has a foundation appeared so resistant! Nothing stops it, whether it’s sweat or sebum. However, it retains a certain lightness and never suffocates the skin. Guerlain’s Tenue de Perfection Foundation is available in 12 different colors, so as to get as close as possible to your natural skin tone. Thus, even if it is very covering, it does not create a demarcation.

Apply your Guerlain Perfecting Foundation

To properly apply your Foundation, start by spreading a few drops on the back of your hand. Then take a little material with your finger or a brush. Note that the brush tends to make the Foundation Hold Perfection more opaque while the application with the finger reinforces its transparency. Apply the Tenue de Perfection Foundation to the center of your face and stretch it as far as possible towards its contours. Remember to blend it properly around your neck and at the roots of your hair.

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