Guess 1981, a glamorous nod to a symbolic date

Guess 1981, a glamorous nod to a symbolic date
Guess 1981, a glamorous nod to a symbolic date

Guess is a recent company but with global notoriety. In particular, she succeeded in winning the hearts of the public by investing in numerous charitable actions such as research against cancer, collecting toys for underprivileged children, helping refugees from Kosovo … Nevertheless, in parallel , it lets all its creativity express itself in multiple universes such as fashion, leather goods or even perfumes. It is also in this area that Guess is currently talking about her in 2017 … The brand is currently presenting its brand new fragrance soberly named Guess 1981.

Guess 1981, a perfume embodied by Emma Ster Nielsen

If Guess 1981 is already talking about him a lot , it is not only thanks to his fragrance. Indeed, this new perfume has not yet seen the light of day as it has already conquered the hearts of many men thanks to its muse. This new juice is embodied by the attractive Emma Ster Nielsen. Shooted by David Bellemare, the pretty blonde is the absolute embodiment of a femme fatale. Her flirtatious smile and playful eyes are absolutely irresistible. What’s more, its generous shapes are also to die for! Far from being a beginner, the latter has already worked with the biggest brands. Likewise, this is not her first collaboration with Guess and was already serving as a model for her range of jeans.

The olfactory sensuality of Guess 1981

Guess 1981 then follows to perfection with the femininity of this muse. The brand likes to say that it is the most seductive juice of its entire collection, at the same time “sophisticated, elegant and graceful”. The latter is revealed in three stages. It begins with a clean and crispy flight before unleashing a floral and fruity heart and ends with a woody and musky base. Its start combines the powdery flavor of violet with the animal sensuality of ambrette. What is more, let us note that this accord reveals at the same time all the nobility of this new juice. Indeed, these two ingredients are particularly noble and are among the most expensive raw materials of the entire palette of the perfumer. They are then relayed by a floral heart based on jasmine. The opulence of it is associated with the greediness of pear as well as the tenderness of sandalwood. This material then opens the way to a more structured and dark base. This combines the power of cedar with the eroticism of musk as well as the sweet aspect of amber.

A bottle designed like a jewel

As if to pay tribute to its year of creation, Guess 1981 has chosen to deliver a totally timeless bottle to us. This one wants to be very contemporary while having a rather classic form. Guess 1981 is delivered to us in a thick glass cylinder topped with a silver metal cabochon. Hexagonal in shape, it reinforces the modernity of this container. Its transparent glass, meanwhile, plays with light to deliver multiple reflections of a flesh-colored juice that says a lot about her femininity.

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