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Habit Rouge, Guerlain’s iconic masculine scent

Habit Rouge, Guerlain's iconic masculine scent
Habit Rouge, Guerlain‘s iconic masculine scent

If there should be a sure value in a perfumer, it is very likely that it is this perfume. Indeed, born in 1965, Habit Rouge de Guerlain is unforgettable by its presence and its refinement. Also, today it is much more than a simple perfume that we offer you for cheap, it is a real myth. If men are particularly fond of this perfume, it is simply because they cannot resist its alchemy. Habit Rouge is a perfume like no other . It explores the sensuality of men and releases sensations which are all the stronger for it.

Habit Rouge, the heritage of the Guerlain house

This perfume takes us back to the heart of 1965. Indeed, it was at this time that Guerlain decided to launch its very first oriental masculine fragrance. Since that day, his nobility has not diminished in the least. Habit Rouge is in a way the masculine side of “Shalimar”, launched in 1921. Like him, it has become a true symbol. Also, it evokes a universe very dear to the house of Guerlain. Indeed, the brand has always shown a deep attachment to horses. Emeritus rider, Jean-Paul Guerlain cultivated his passion for horseback riding to the extreme. The latter was an outstanding trainer and regularly frequented in the early morning the bridle paths of the forest of Rambouillet. Also, he wanted a perfume in the image of this sport and then imagined it natural and sophisticated. It is in fact designed to showcase a man of urban elegance regaining a natural ease when he rides his frame. In addition, its name of Habit Rouge refers to the traditional clothing of riders going up in show jumping or going hunting with hounds. Habit Rouge is then only the alliance of the two greatest passions of Jean-Paul Guerlain, namely perfumery and horse riding.

The oriental freshness of Habit Rouge

Habit Rouge then had to embody all the ardor that we know in horses. The latter is therefore a perfume of contrasts in which the freshness of citrus fruits confront the warmth of woody accords tinged with moss and tobacco. Its top notes are not lacking in energy and Habit Rouge soars to a tone overflowing with dynamism. Its flight also includes bergamot, bitter orange, tangerine, lemon and lime. All this cocktail gives it an air of Cologne very fashionable at the time. Moreover, its initial version was well formulated in Eau de Cologne, and Habit Rouge will not be available in Eau de Toilette until 1988. But, back to its composition … Its apparent freshness gives way to a balsamic accord made of leather and vanilla. Its wake, meanwhile, is very woody and not lacking in character. He associates birch with patchouli and his masculinity only becomes more powerful.
Its massive bottle, meanwhile, has not left it since its inception. This glass square is very refined and displays its personality with its sharp edges. Its red tones are deep and intense. This contrasts with the shiny metal stopper engraved with the Guerlain logo. When you see its natural elegance, then it is hard to believe that it is possible to get it on the cheap, and yet, go check … A myth of perfumery is now at hand.

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