Hérôme Cuticle Cream, a real treatment for the cuticles



Hérôme Cuticle Cream Nail Care
Hérôme Cuticle Cream Nail Care

The Hérôme brand was created in 1980 in the Netherlands. From then on, she specialized in the care and treatment of nails and hands . Its range of treatments adapts to all nail problems, whether they are soft, brittle, discolored, dehydrated, Hérôme has a solution. The brand also offers cuticle care, varnish bases, hardeners and also hand care. As a true global specialist, Hérôme presents its cuticle cream here.

Hérôme Cuticle Cream, for perfect nails

Hérôme cuticle cream nourishes and softens the contour of the nails. Thanks to the vitamin F contained in its formula, cuticle cream cares for your cuticles, day after day. Its formula also contains allantois, an intense moisturizing and regenerating agent, very often used in hand creams. Result? Your nails are nourished, hydrated and all the little seams or cuticles are recalcitrant. For perfectly healthy nails, apply the cuticle cream and massage until the cream is fully absorbed. Gently push back the cuticles using a small stick provided for this purpose.

Thanks to Hérôme cuticle cream, your nails will be hydrated and free of all cuticles. With the presence of allantois, your nails will be really cared for from the inside.

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