High Impact Mascara: clinical expertise at the service of your eyes

High Impact Mascara: clinical expertise at the service of your eyes
High Impact Mascara: clinical expertise at the service of your eyes

High Impact Mascara, Clinique emphasizes the volume of your eyes

You might not know it, but mascara is the best-selling makeup product in the world. What’s more, Clinique is also one of the most renowned brands on the planet in terms of skincare, cosmetics and make-up. Combine the two and you will have one of the best make-up products on the market: the High Impact Mascara ! Indispensable in a makeup hole, it manages to sublimate the look in just a few seconds. If you’ve always dreamed of having more intense lash bangs, this mascara is for you!

Clinique’s High Impact Mascara

High Impact Mascara is a new generation product that benefits from all of Clinique’s expertise in makeup. Thus, it allows to obtain a much more intense look, and to lengthen the density of your eyelashes for 12 consecutive hours. It comes in two different shades. Black offers an intense and magnetic rendering. Brown, meanwhile, is more natural. Both will allow you to achieve a particularly glamorous look, at the same time powerful, but flexible and without package. What’s more, Clinique’s High Impact Mascaracomes with an exclusive brush in solid and rigid fibers, something rare enough to be emphasized. This allows the High Impact Mascara to comb the lashes easily one by one. Thus, each one of them is covered with product, which makes them even more fabric and curls. Thanks to Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, your eyes will display intense length. Also note that this product has been tested by dermatological and ophthalmological controls. It limits the risk of allergy, and is ideal for sensitive eyes as well as contact lens wearers.

High Impact Mascara derivatives

On the strength of its success, know that Clinique’s High Impact Mascara is already accompanied by several derivatives. Its waterproof formula is resistant to humidity, sebum and perspiration. So you won’t have to worry about any risk of burrs, whatever the circumstances. High Impact Curling, on the other hand, relies on a curved brush. Thanks to this arch, your eyelashes are immediately better curled. Each of them is individually affected and better identified. In this way, the High Impact Curling wonderfully follows the natural curve of the eyelashes.

The care provided by Clinique

Finally, know that each of these mascaras contains nutritious waxes that take care of your eyes. In this way, Clinique does not just apply make-up to you, but strengthens and reinforces the vitality of your eyelashes day after day. From then on, your gaze naturally gains density. Your eyelashes are longer and denser. Your eyelash fringe appears to be much fuller.

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