HIM: the new Guerlain perfume

HIM: the new Guerlain perfume
HIM: the new Guerlain perfume

The very nuanced scent of Guerlain’s new androgynous perfume: Lui

If current trends are towards androgyny, perfume, on the other hand, did not wait for our time to circumvent the game of sexual identities. Unisex perfumes thus made their appearance in perfumery very early on, as evidenced by the iconic Jicky de Guerlain, from 1889. Even today, mixed perfumes are very popular and can be shared between a man and a woman. . It is therefore precisely in this direction that Guerlain has set out for the making of its new fragrance. This one is called Him but, against all expectations, can also be worn by the fairer sex.

The androgyny of the new Guerlain perfume

He is a juice neither frankly feminine nor masculine . After all, as Guerlain puts it so well: “Why choose? “Thanks to this mix of genres, Guerlain intends to stir up trouble. He is a juice that manages to display his virility just as much as his feminine sensitivity. He was then directly inspired by our new generation who never hesitated to break free from the norms of the genre. More than ever, androgyny is placed at the heart of our current trends. With Lui Eau de Perfume, Guerlain brings us out of our too compartmentalized world and this juice is then deliberately confused. The idea is with him to offer customers a resolutely universal juice.

The very nuanced fragrance of Lui Eau de Parfum

In an olfactory way, it was then necessary to develop a perfume meeting both feminine standards but also masculine trends. The result is a very nuanced and contrasting juice. It opens with notes of pears associated with cloves. Then, its heart becomes more elegant and floral thanks to the presence of carnation, a spicy flower. Benzoin, for its part, softens the whole. Finally, a more sensual base, based on leather, smoke, vanilla and musk completes this composition. The set is signed by Delphine Jelk and Thierry Wasser and gives us subtle nuances that are both vaporous and warm. He is a delicate and never heady juice, making you want to share and be loved.

The elegant bottle of Guerlain

The Him Eau de Parfum is then presented to us in a particularly elegant bottle. Square in shape, it is fully lacquered in black. Its bevelled corners signify all the refinement of the Guerlain house. A slender label decorates its front face and lets us glimpse three graphic letters with a very Art Deco silhouette, a trend very dear to the Guerlain brand . Likewise, the whole is surmounted by a rectangular cabochon with a textured surface. This contrasts radically with the smooth appearance of the rest of this bottle. Finally, a chromed metal collar emphasizes the modernity of the whole.

Him is a perfume synonymous with freedom which intends to accompany the emancipation of women while revealing male sensitivity.

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