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Hydra Essentiel by Clarins, the treatment for thirsty skin

Hydra Essentiel by Clarins, the treatment for thirsty skin
Hydra Essentiel by Clarins, the treatment for thirsty skin

Cold, pollution, heating or UV rays are all elements that attack your skin continuously. Thus, it is essential to hydrate it throughout the year to fight against the harmful effects of our environment. Good hydration is the key to beautiful skin that lasts over the years. Indeed, it contributes greatly to the fight against the premature appearance of visible signs of aging. This is why Clarins is always pushing its dermatological expertise a little further in order to offer you ever more sophisticated treatments. In this sense, Clarins offers us its latest discovery: the Hydra Essentiel range .

Clarins’ observation

To develop this new range of products, Clarins studied the impact of thermal shocks on our skin and more particularly on its hydration. Indeed, the sudden variations in temperature and humidity in our daily environment contributes to considerably alter our natural system of water fixation in the heart of our epidermis. What is more, over time, the self-hydrating power of our skin weakens. Thus, it tends to dehydrate more easily. As a result, the latter loses its shine and becomes rougher. What’s more, it also makes it less comfortable.

The solution provided by Clarins

To remedy this, Clarins has, as always, observed nature . It was then that she looked more specifically at a plant from Madagascar: the officinal kalanchoe. This small green plant has fleshy leaves that remain waterlogged despite the intense drought conditions in this country. Moreover, the Malagasy nickname this plant the “leaf of life”. Thus, it is precisely this ingredient that Clarins has used in its range to promote the perfect hydration of our epidermis. Note, however, that the cultivation of this plant is operated by Clarins in an eco-responsible and organic approach. Thus, Clarins always develops formulas that respect the environment and the communities near these plantations.

The different products of the Hydra Essentiel range

To respond to all types of issues, Clarins has used kalanchoe in many ways. Thus, the brand offers us a wide range of thirst-quenching textures and different sensory powers that adapt to all seasons and all skin types. Its range is thus broken down into six products. It also consists of a Thirst-quenching Cream specially designed for normal to dry skin and available in a standard version or supplemented by sun protection with an SPF15 index, a Thirst-quenching Sorbet Gel for normal to combination skin, a Rich Thirst-Quenching Cream for very dry skin, a Thirst-quenching Melting Fluid with SPF15 index for normal skin and an Intensive Anti-Thirst Serum for thirsty skin.

All you have to do is choose the product suited to your needs and the texture of your skin and use it day after day for lasting results. In addition, 90% of customers who tested this range of products confided that they were perfectly satisfied with the new hydration of their skin.

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